What are the most exclusive cannabis strains?

When it comes to cannabis, growers and enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for unique and exclusive strains that offer exceptional terpene profiles and bag appeal. While the world of cannabis has come a long way from the days of limited availability and limited choices, there are still a few strains that stand out as truly exclusive and sought after by connoisseurs. But how do you distinguish noise from true signal?

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How do You Get the Most Out of Strainly?

We built Strainly as a Progressive Web App (PWA) from the get go. A PWA is an app that works in your web browser. Building a PWA allows to give a great experience on Apple and Android devices. It’s also immune to de-platforming/censorship by app stores… Finally, it does not take any space on your device, which allows people with old devices featuring limited storage and outdate operating systems to use Strainly anyway. This article gives you tips to get the most out of Strainly, just like any app you download from app stores.

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How to Get More Followers on Strainly?

The number of members on Strainly  has been steadily growing, making our follow feature increasingly useful in order to stay in touch with members of your community… or your favorite breeders! While Strainly allows you to connect with any registered member, you will probably want to build stronger relationships with growers and breeders from your county, state or country. This article explains why following each other on Strainly truly improves user experience…

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How to Make Your Strainly Profile Stand Out!

Strainly is a platform, a community of members, an attempt to empower growers, breeders and patients to preserve and enhance marijuana genetics. Like with any social platform, building a sentiment of trust and belonging is an understatement. It starts with creating a nice and descriptive profile in order to introduce yourself to other members. It’s an invitation to connect with you. 

We Will Never Lock You in!

At Strainly, we don’t believe in locking you in. It’s free to join and you are free to leave! Though only 4 members asked us how to close there account in over a year, we thought letting you know how to delete your account… couldn’t hurt. This article will walk you through this very easy procedure. Read more “We Will Never Lock You in!”