How to Make Your Strainly Profile Stand Out!

Strainly is a platform, a community of members, an attempt to empower growers, breeders and patients to preserve and enhance marijuana genetics. Like with any social platform, building a sentiment of trust and belonging is an understatement. It starts with creating a nice and descriptive profile in order to introduce yourself to other members. It’s an invitation to connect with you. 

Below are the steps we ask our members to follow before posting any cultivar on Strainly, because… members want to know about you before they request your seeds or clones, the same way you want to know who’s requesting your strains!

Key elements of a nice profile are:

  • A profile picture or logo. Avoid putting photos of your plants, keep them for your listings.
  • A description of who you are, your experience, your center of interest, areas where you can be of assistance to other members… and perhaps things that matter to you!
  • Your stance toward regulations applying in your area. What type of transactions you accept and do not accept to do. Our terms of use are clear about compliance toward your local regulations.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great profile to establish a first contact with other members!

Next time we’ll tell you how to post nice and attractive listings…

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18 thoughts on “How to Make Your Strainly Profile Stand Out!

  1. I am looking forward to doing clone/teens business with good folk that Cannabis means more to them than just making a buck. It is a healer and an enlightener and I have been doing nursery work for 9 years now. Flowering for over 30 years. This web community seems grass roots in growing genuine relationships professional and otherwise. Peace, Steve

  2. My son invited me to the site. I’m hoping to find some good medicine to help with my pain, insomnia and other issues.

  3. New to the site, so I’m learning how this works. Hoping to find some good mess in the process. I’ve also invited my father to help him as well .

  4. Eureka ! Great site. Obsessed recreational grower in high desert Oregon. Looking to connect with like minded folks. Very interested in breeding autoflower . Have some experience with photo period plants, otherwise I have a lot to learn from those who have been at this for a while. I have nothing to sell . Looking forward to purchasing seeds, pollen, or clones. I grow outdoors in summer after seeds are started indoors in Spring. Growing season is short so photo period plant’s usually finish in greenhouse. Have been growing autoflowers for a few years and as yield and flavors have improved I have a great interest in them. Have been growing cannabis now for 9 years. My wife says I’m obsessed, I agree. Been calling my grow High Desert Homegrown.
    Thanks, Artoflower

  5. Great Site solid genetics from multiple breeders of some
    great strained seeds like Marks seeds and Atlas seeds, will buy again.

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