The Best Posts for the Best Cultivars!

Remember? Strainly is a social platform, a community of members, an attempt to empower growers, breeders and patients to preserve and enhance marijuana genetics. Strainly allows you to offer your help to other members, to enhance each other’s access to new cultivars. In this article, we explain how to maximise your chances of interactions with other members through your posts.

You probably noticed that there are some quite unique cultivars currently listed on Strainly, and we believe each listing should do justice to those great genetics.

Posting a great looking listing for your strain makes it easier for other members to find it! Once found, a descriptive listing fosters the needed trust for those members to decide to press the “Buy” or “Request” button.

You not only want to know about the other member, you also want to know what genetics you’re getting!

Key elements of a nice listing are:

  • One strain per listing. This is key to keeping Strainly user-friendly and for you to get noticed. Any multi-strain listing will be closed.
  • Making sure to chose the right listing format corresponding to your situation and local regulation.
  • Photos of the actual seeds/clones/pollen being proposed (conditioning, image of flowering plant, etc.).
  • A description of the cultivar, lineage, awards, etc.
  • A selected strain from the strain filter. If you don’t find your strain, you may select strains in the lineage of yours.
  • Other characteristics (flowering; height; medical grade; yield; etc.) using the dedicated fields.
  • Respecting our Terms of use at all times!

Last but not least… make sure to turn your push notifications ON and never miss any request or private message!

4 thoughts on “The Best Posts for the Best Cultivars!

  1. I love this app so much , I’ve got to meet a lot of really amazing people , that love the same things I love . Have the same interest . I have only had one bad deal out of 50 but I’m sure it will be resolved . This really is my favorite app favorite place I’m hooked on Strainly

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