How to design your own professional breeding space?

Strainly empowers growers, but also intends to empower breeders… or aspiring breeders. If you have been growing for some time and are now considering breeding your own seeds, designing and building an effective and safe breeding space can be an intimidating endeavour. In this article, Professor Q from Aficionado French Connection will describe the breeding setup they use to produce some of their lines… Ready?

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What are those Genetics Terminologies?

We recently added a useful filter to more precisely search genetics on Strainly. It’s called “Varietal type” and is meant to capture (and filter by) the type of varietal listed on Strainly. By “Varietal type” we mean the way the varietal was born/created. When breeding, different approaches are possible, whether mother nature is in command or humans get involved… But what are these varietal types? This is what we’ll cover in the below article…

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Tissue Culture: an alternative propagation method

Images and video in this article are courtesy of Sante Botanica and CanGenX BioTech.

You may have noticed, Strainly allows you to offer genetics under the form of tissue cultures. While seeds and clones have been quite common starting material among growers, micro propagation is fairly new in the cannabis world. What is “TC”? What type of benefits will it bring to propagation and cultivation? How tissue culture will impact the cannabis industry?… We’ll try to answer these questions, among others in this article…

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