How to Easily Sell on Strainly?

Strainly is a community marketplace that allows members to safely sell their genetics and equipment. SPOILER ALERT: it’s really easy!

First things first, you need to get verified to start selling. We ask members to first complete 3 transactions/purchases and obtain 3 positive reviews from other verified members in order to start posting. Please see how to properly complete transactions. You also need to create your wallet and complete your profile, which should take a few minutes.

Finally, you will need to understand how to pay our small fee using Bitcoin, either using CashApp, Strike, Relai, Bull Bitcoin… We got some discounts for you with all of those apps.

Once you are ready to sell:

1. Post your listing.

2. A member will submit an offer to purchase your item. You will be prompted to “Accept”. A summary of the order is presented to you.

3. Upon Accepting, you will be prompted to pay our small service fee, in Bitcoin (BTC or also expressed as “Sats”), using any of the method we recommend HERE (e.g. CashApp Bitcoin wallet, Strike, Phoenix Wallet…).  
a. If you are using Strainly on your computer, pull out your phone, open your Bitcoin wallet (e.g. Phoenix Wallet) and scan the QR code of the invoice on your computer screen, confirm the payment. You’re done. 
b. If using Strainly on your phone, hit the “Pay in wallet” button just below the QR code and your phone will prompt you to open a compatible wallet (e.g. Phoenix Wallet). Your wallet will recognize all the payment details and you simply need to confirm the payment. You’re done. 

4. You can now complete the transaction communicating directly with your buyer, and accept any of your preferred payment method, or use our optional integrated payment system. If the buyer does not pay you, simply contact us after 5 days, to obtain a fee refund.

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