How to Purchase on Strainly?

Strainly is a community marketplace that offers an optional Bitcoin payment system to safely transfer value on a peer-to-peer basis. SPOILER ALERT: you don’t need BTC!

On a given listing, you can either send direct messages using the “Contact” button if you simply want to ask preliminary questions (e.g. availability), or hit the “Buy” button if you are ready to place your order. If you want to use our integrated payment system, learn how to pay on Strainly.

Note: you can combine multiple items in a single order by adding them to your wish list first. To add an item to your wish list, hit the heart icon on the wanted listing when browsing, or hit “Add to wish list” under the “Buy” button, within any listing. Then navigate to your wish list from the menu. From there, you can select multiple items from a same vendor and then hit the “Combine order” button.

If you are ready to buy:

1. Select the needed quantity, pay attention to the shipping fees and hit “Buy”.

2. A summary of your order is presented to you. The Price corresponds to the total value of the order. Hit “Confirm”.

3. Seller now needs to Accept or Decline your purchase request.

4. Once seller accepted the transaction, you need to pay the total amount to the seller using either:
a. the “Pay order” button to pay via our secure and anonymous Bitcoin system

b. an external payment method of your choice before hitting the “Mark as paid” button

5. If choosing to pay via our integrated system, a Bitcoin invoice pops up. You can either hit the “Pay in wallet” button to open your compatible wallet app from your device (e.g. CashApp, Strike…), OR tap the QR code to copy the address and paste it in your wallet app, OR scan the QR code with a wallet app and pay.

6. Once paid, you will be returned to the transaction…

And the status will now show “Purchase paid” to both Seller and Buyer. The seller will see the amount added to their wallet balance. Seller can now ship.

7. Wait until you receive your order, inspect your item(s) upon delivery and mark the transaction as “Completed” if/when you are satisfied. You can alternatively open a dispute (it happens rarely but the feature does exist). In the absence of any dispute, the transaction will automatically be marked as “Completed” after 30 days.

Note that opening a dispute will notify the Strainly team. Your case will be reviewed and we will communicate with both parties. If our integrated payment system was used, seller can issue a full refund, which can be redeemed immediately in bitcoin (sats) by the buyer.

8. Once you’ve marked the order as “Completed”, both seller and buyer can give feedback to each other. You will receive reminders but you are indeed entitled to wait for as long as needed before giving feedback (e.g wait for germination, growth and even flowering).

78 thoughts on “How to Purchase on Strainly?

  1. This is great! I needed a good place to showcase my autos, and the new Freakshow auto I’ll have in a couple of months.
    Thanks for the guidelines.

  2. Wicked as, been accepted! Thanks Strainly, and to anyone reading this. P.s. if you need my help, I’m gonna be available on here anytime on business days 🙂 Cheers

  3. Hi Yami,

    Strike is the easiest app if you haven’t used BTC before and don’t want to deal with BTC at all. It will abstract everything for you. You will simply add a USD balance to your Strike wallet, like you do with CashApp, and it will pay any BTC invoice using that USD balance.

    CashApp is a bit different. It is indeed compatible with Strainly, but you first need to convert USD into BTC to pay on Strainly. Basically Strike removes that step to make it even easier for you.

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