5 simple habits of successful Strainly users

Strainly is a community. We want you to be safe and look after each other. You also have a role to play in ensuring that Strainly remains a safe place for everyone.  We give you tools for that.

You can interact with each other in 3 ways on Strainly:

  • Follow each other using the “Follow” button on each profile
  • Contact via private messages using the “Contact” button under member’s name if you simply want to ask preliminary questions (see below screenshot)
  • Request after selecting the needed quantity if you actually need the offered item (see below screenshot)

Request vs. Contact

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We won’t lock you in!

At Strainly, we don’t believe in locking you in. It’s free to join and you are free to leave! Though only 4 members asked us how to close there account in over a year, we thought letting you know how to delete your account… couldn’t hurt. This article will walk you through this very easy procedure. Read more “We won’t lock you in!”