How to create your Bitcoin wallet on Strainly

Strainly is Bitcoin-only and will always be. No shitcoinery, no Central Bank Digital Currency, no high-fees payment processors, no credit-card chargebacks, no PayPal disputes… True to our values, we have integrated a long awaited payment method inside the platform, thus simplifying transaction settlement, instantly and with no intermediary. In this article, we explain what a non-custodial wallet is and how to simply create your own within your Strainly account.

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Learn how to use bitcoin

Strainly stands for decentralization, resilience and biodiversity, hence why bitcoin has always been a natural fit. We decided in 2019 to be a Bitcoin-only platform. Why? Because the traditional payment processors and financial system in general are painful to deal with when it comes to our legal industry. While Bitcoin has been somewhat intimidating to most of you, showing apparent complexity and inconvenience, it is actually the most performant and safest payment system ever created. This article intends to demystify Bitcoin and its daily use, providing easy tools and simple guidance.

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Learn why Bitcoin preserves biodiversity

The world witnessed unprecedented power grabs and supply chains disruptions since 2020. The almost perfect alignment between big government, big banks and corporations should be a serious cause for concern across our entire industry, and beyond. These moves represent no less than the most important wealth transfer while threatening our freedom and survival as businesses, probably even as individuals. Strainly stands for decentralization, resilience and biodiversity, hence why bitcoin has always been a natural fit. Bitcoin ultimately protects biodiversity.

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How to design your own professional breeding space?

Strainly empowers growers, but also intends to empower breeders… or aspiring breeders. If you have been growing for some time and are now considering breeding your own seeds, designing and building an effective and safe breeding space can be an intimidating endeavour. In this article, Professor Q from Aficionado French Connection will describe the breeding setup they use to produce some of their lines… Ready?

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Open Source Breeding – Part 3

You now know how and why canna-biodiversity is at stake. In our Breeder’s Rights and the Preservation of Cannabis trilogy, we exposed the mechanisms potentially threatening this biodiversity and introduced alternative concepts, such as open source. In Open Source Breeding – Part 2, we gave you some options to start open sourcing your genetics. We have done our best to gather information and initiate a movement. Now, it’s your turn to make change happen…

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