Cloning cannabis: growing weed without seeds

Strainly‘s goal is to foster the preservation of cannabis phenotypes, which sometimes means, under the form of clones (or “cuts”). Clones are incredibly important to the facilitation of genetic preservation, but successfully cloning a cannabis plant requires following a few important steps, that we’ll try to cover in this article. The process of cloning can be a controversial one, as there is a variety of methods you can use. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, or simply paraphrase the already existing knowledge on the topic, we’ll try to aggregate a handful of the many available sources within this article, thus allowing you to get the basics, do your homework and plan your cloning project a bit before jumping in.

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The best posts for the best cultivars!

Remember? Strainly is a social platform, a community of members, an attempt to empower cannabis growers, breeders and patients to preserve and enhance marijuana genetics. Strainly allows you to offer your help to other members, to enhance each other’s access to new cultivars. In this article, we explain how to maximise your chances of interactions with other members through your posts.

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