How to Get More Followers on Strainly?

The number of members on Strainly  has been steadily growing, making our follow feature increasingly useful in order to stay in touch with members of your community… or your favorite breeders! While Strainly allows you to connect with any registered member, you will probably want to build stronger relationships with growers and breeders from your county, state or country. This article explains why following each other on Strainly truly improves user experience…

There are thousands of members from many states as well as from Canada on Strainly. The main way to find and connect with other members is through their listed strains. As a member, you don’t always want to browse the entire inventory before landing on the profile of someone you already know or want to connect with. The good news is, it takes one click to easily keep in touch with members you trust the most.

From any listing on Strainly, you can access the member’s profile. Members’ profiles show who they follow, the reviews they received as well as overall rating, and allow you to contact or follow them.

What are the benefits of following each other?

  1. Easily connect with each other. When you want to send a private message to a certain member, go to your profile and find that member in the list of people you follow.
  2. Stay up-to-date about each other. Whenever someone you follow posts a new strain (or is looking for a strain), you receive an email notification. Never miss a drop… or never miss an opportunity to help out someone you know.
  3. Build communities. By following each other, we progressively build communities within the Strainly community. For instance, growers from Oregon may decide to create “a circle” within which they help out each other when it comes to hunting new cultivars. Same logic works for Mendocino growers and so on…

This is how a basic feature can truly help building communities within the larger community and enable various levels of cooperation between members, supporting local or broader breeding and growing initiatives!

3 thoughts on “How to Get More Followers on Strainly?

  1. I’ve been on Strainly for a little over a year now and I gotta tip my hat to you. You’re really onto something here. I’m a real big fan of your site. Thank you for your work.

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