GET NOTICED !! Strainly makes your strains even more visible now

At Strainly, we believe in empowering breeders and genetics preservationists. Being visible as a breeder is an effective way of preserving strains. This article introduces two new ways of getting your strains noticed by the Strainly community…

Things have been accelerating recently and we have to scale our infrastructure up! Nice problems to have… but costly!

At the same time, an increasing number of members have been asking us how they could make their strains generally more visible to the Strainly community…

…then we realized we could address both your and our challenges through a win/win approach!

Effective now, we introduce 2 “enhanced visibility” features:

  • Bump your active listing(s) to the top of the list ($3 per listing bumped)
  • Feature your listing(s) in our weekly email update to all our members ($3 per featured listing)

Wanna try it out? It’s really easy!

  1. Go to your listing
  2. Under the “Request” button, you’ll notice 2 new functionalities in addition of “Edit listing” and “Close listing”. You can now “Move to top of homepage“, which will bump your listing in the first position when members browse strains on Strainly. You can also “Show in the next newsletter“, which will feature your listing in our weekly update that is sent to all registered members.
  3. Click on “Move to top of homepage” or “Show in the next newsletter”
  4. Pay with Card button will pop up. Click on it!
  5. Submit your credit card information through our secured payment gateway and click “Pay”

That’s it! Your listing is now standing out of the crowd and you should expect more members to reach out soon!

If you wanna go further! We have plans to maximize your exposure with minimum effort!

-The Strainly crew

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