How to get your listings noticed?

With thousands of varietals listed on Strainly, many of you asked how they could make their listings stand out. We decided to develop features to boost your exposure, and we packaged them in different plans for everyone’s needs…

As you probably know you have two features allowing you to promote your listings.

Many of you have enjoyed these features and would like to use them more frequently. As usual, we listened to your feedback and found an answer to your needs!

We introduced 3 Strainly plans payable in bitcoin. You don’t have bitcoins yet? Learn how it works, it’s really easy!

Wanna give it a try? There’s no minimum duration commitment, and you can opt out at any time*.

*Registration period is for a minimum of 1 month and can be terminated at the end of any month, with no prior notice. 5% off on 6-month subscriptions. 10% off on 1-year subscriptions.

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