Breeders Spotlight: Joel from NorStar Genetics

You know the time it is… at Strainly, we believe in a strong community of breeders and growers preserving genetics… This is already the fifth episode of our Breeders Spotlight series and this month’s spotlight is on Joel from NorStar Genetics.

Breeder’s name

NorStar Genetics.

If “home is where the heart is…”, where’s your heart?

With my Family, California.

Years of breeding experience?


Why did you start breeding and offering your creations?

I wanted to have fun while ensuring I had good stock and remain resilient to seeds availability.

Most desirable cultivar ever? Which cultivar you would want to bring back/resurrect?

Cheese is my favorite. I would also like to see some unadulterated land race cultivars from early last century.

Most sought after terpenes when breeding?

Pinene and limonene.

Indoor or Outdoor?


Describe your best and worst breeding projects memories…

Really no bad or good memories in breeding, it is all just stepping stones in the hunt for better cannabis. Gotta go with the flow and learn as you move…

Sources of inspiration

Always discovering the unknown without specific expectations…

Favorite music (genre, artist, song…)

Rush, Beatles, Daft Punk, Cat Stevens, Dada Life, Lords of acid, Duran Duran, Paul Simon, System of a down…

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