Breeders Spotlight: Subcool the Dank

You already know… at Strainly, we put our efforts on strengthening the relationship between breeders and growers… This is already the fourth opus of our Breeders Spotlight series and this month’s spotlight is on Subcool the Dank.

Breeder’s name

Subcool The Dank.

If “home is where the heart is…”, where’s your heart?

In My Garden, Arizona.

Years of breeding experience?


Why did you start breeding and offering your creations?

I wanted to secure rare mother strains in seed form to share with other growers.

Most desirable cultivar ever? Which cultivar you would want to bring back/resurrect?


Most sought after terpenes when breeding?


Indoor or Outdoor?


Describe your best and worst breeding projects memories…

Breeding Jack the Ripper and finding it produced THC-V was a milestone. Not securing male pollen that is used to create strains outside my brand has been my biggest mistake.

Sources of inspiration

Our Culture and the Human Spirit to survive.

Favorite music (genre, artist, song…)

Progressive Rock, Perfect Circle, Passive.

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