Breeders Spotlight: Gee Stone from Cultivated Choice

You already know… at Strainly, we put our efforts on strengthening the relationship between breeders and growers… This is the third opus of our Breeders Spotlight series in which, each month, we invite a breeder to tell us more about them, their inspiration, experiences and other fun facts… This month’s spotlight is on Gee Stone from Cultivated Choice.

Breeder’s name

Cultivated Choice Genetics / Gee Stone.

If “home is where the heart is…”, where’s your heart?

Denver, Colorado.

Years of breeding experience?

I’ve been around cannabis breeding since I was born. Hands on experience: 10 years.

Why did you start breeding and offering your creations?

My father bred cannabis in a small pocket of the south, and when I had a chance to move to a less restrictive place, I started my own work with some new genetics, as well as some older classics. When I got to a point of confidence that I was breeding consistent crosses, I decided it was time to release some of them for the world to play with 😉

Most desirable cultivar ever? Which cultivar you would want to bring back/resurrect?

Road Kill Skunk. I am in the process of reviving seeds from my father from the Oxian peninsula that were not stored properly. I think these seeds hold a key to some of what folks considered to be true RKS. Only one way to find out! Anyone with in-vitro tissue culture should reach out ASAP!

Most sought after terpenes when breeding?

Humulene and Myrcene hands down, but there are tons of terpenes in cannabis, and it’s always a very fine mixture of terpenes that create the best aroma.

Indoor or Outdoor?


Describe your best and worst breeding projects memories…

Best would be the projects I am currently working on. I am working a Chem 4 Bx all the way to IBL using my Chemancipator (Chem4 X Yeti F3). Worst breeding project was when I was battling a bout of russets. I tried to weather the storm and continue the project, but the seeds suffered, as did the plants. The germ rate was the lowest I’ve ever seen, and the seeds that did germ were stunted… and not at all a product that could be released. They were all burned in a fire along with 80% of my parent stock that couldn’t be saved. Sometimes starting over is easier than fighting with these things. Lesson learned… I have upped my Integrated Pest Management in this environment and haven’t had any issue since then.

Sources of inspiration

Medicine, Medicine, Medicine. I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and most of my breeding projects are aimed at helping relieve the symptoms of gastro intestinal discomfort. I am currently sifting through some UW Black crosses, Tigers Milk, and UBC Chemo crosses to make medicine to give away for free to the people who need it. I hate seeing people suffer, so if I can help one person to relieve pain, it’s all worth it.

Favorite music (genre, artist, song…)

Jam bands (Umphreys McGee, Moe.,The Dead, The Main Squeeze) and I have a soft spot for folk music.

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