Breeders Spotlight: Dubi from ACE Seeds

You know the time it is… at Strainly, we believe in a strong community of breeders and growers preserving genetics… This is already the second episode of our Breeders Spotlight series and this month’s spotlight is on Dubi from ACE Seeds.

Breeder’s name

Dubi from ACE Seeds.

If “home is where the heart is…”, where’s your heart?


Years of breeding experience?


Why did you start breeding and offering your creations?

I started to grow and breed my own marijuana to learn more about our beloved plant, its amazing potential and genetic diversity… and about its roots (landraces). We started to distribute our ACE Seeds in 2004, as a result of preservation of landraces and the development of new innovative hybrids, with the aim to improve cannabis genetic diversity and to offer more high quality Sativas to the World.

Most desirable cultivar ever? Which cultivar you would want to bring back/resurrect?

Our main goal is to preserve and spread landraces that are quickly about to disappear. All the landraces are important, but we find there’s a big lack of African genetics in today’s current marijuana genepool. So a big part of our breeding efforts have been towards releasing very rare African Sativa landraces and hybrids. We have many favorites, making it hard to choose one, but i really miss the old Nepalese Kathmandu Sativas i used to grow in my youth…

Most sought after terpenes when breeding?

I like to have a wide variety of strains with many different effects and different terpene profiles to enjoy in different situations and at different moments of the day and night. Some of the most important and most desirable terpenes found in cannabis are pinene, myrcene, limonene and terpinolene, although it’s the complete synergy between the cannabinoids and the full range of terpenes that makes this plant so complex and amazing.

Indoor or Outdoor?


Describe your best and worst breeding projects memories…

We have had several successful breeding achievements with the preservation of landraces from all around the world, and with the development of all kind of hybrids (pure sativa, mostly sativa, sativa/indica, indica dominant, pure indica, autoflowering, very high THC, high CBD, etc ….). That said, the ACE Seeds’ strains that have probably made the greatest impact in today’s cannabis genepool are Malawi, Panama and Pakistan Chitral Kush. We also have had unfruitful breeding experiences like it happens many times when finding hermies after breeding, but we learn even from the bad breeding steps. Failures are also important to improve for any person or career.

Sources of inspiration

Breeders like Charlie Garcia, Nevil, DJ Shorts, Mano negra and Sam Skunkman.

Favorite music (genre, artist, song…)

All kind of rock music, jazz, reggae, world music, pop…

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