Breeders Spotlight: Matthew from Riot Seeds

Growers usually love to connect directly with breeders to procure their cultivars via Strainly, and we thought we could do a little more to strengthen that relationship… This is the first instalment of our Breeders Spotlight series in which, each month, we’ll invite a breeder to tell us more about them, their sources of inspiration, their experiences and other fun facts… And we kick off the series with Matthew from Riot Seeds.

Breeder’s name

Matthew Riot

If “home is where the heart is…”, where’s your heart?

Bakersfield / San Diego, California

Years of breeding experience?


Why did you start breeding and offering your creations?

My best friend’s mom was dying from pancreatic cancer – I saw cannabis let her be able to come out of the bedroom and interact with us during her final days. That spurred me to want to help others.

Most desirable cultivar ever? Which cultivar you would want to bring back/resurrect?

The most desirable BREEDING Cultivar ever I would have to say is Bubba Kush. I’ve yet to meet another breeder that’s used a legitimate old Bubba line that doesn’t agree with me on this. If I could bring back a line it would be Notsodog’s original Superdog cut. It’s something I’ve chased for over a decade. It was made by Notso, who I consider a mentor and a good friend and I know it’s one he’d like to bring back as well.

Most sought after terpenes when breeding?

Blueberry Jam was a terpene I chased for years and years in DJ Short’s work. Oddly enough I finally found it by popping bagseeds from some bud brought into a collective. The Strawberry chase has also been very important to me and I feel like the most superior strawberry terpenes in CBF’s Strawberry Creme work.

Indoor or Outdoor?


Describe your best and worst breeding projects memories…

One of my worst breeding projects was very early on – incorporating Ingemar DeSjaamans Purple Widow and a Lowryder plant. The original plant called Purple Ryder. It was absolute autoflowering boof. It was also my best project because it taught me not to waste time on something I’m not passionate about.

Sources of inspiration

Punk Rock music, skateboarding, all different forms of art… other breeders that I respect (way too many to list).

Favorite music (genre, artist, song…)

Punk Rock, La Peste, Better Off Dead.

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