An ode to the Pacific North West and its great cultivars

Being a social platform and a community is by definition inclusive. Strainly serves all growers and breeders complying with their local regulations. Indeed Cannabis Licensed Producers are part of this community. This article is an ode to OLCC and i502 producers.

Here we are,  over a year after launching Strainly, we’re super happy to see the number of members and transactions growing exponentially. We’re getting encouraging feedback every week and a many breeders and nurseries are now using Strainly as their main channel to patients and customers. What’s even more encouraging is that all of our members keep behaving responsibly and honestly.

There are over 700 unique cultivars (close to 200 of them in the PNW!) currently listed on Strainly, so we thought we should update you about it and emphasize on how this community-powered platform can unlock growing and breeding possibilities for the benefit of Licensed Producers and patients across the state.

We receive constant messages from licensed producers looking for quality cultivars -increasingly CBD-rich ones- and we are convinced i502 and OLCC LPs can answer those needs while meeting theirs! An increasing number of Oregon and Washington based Licensed Producers is joining Strainly and a many of you told us how powerful this can be to connect LPs together when it comes to genetics preservation and innovation.

Let’s keep pace with the California community and share great genetics too up north!

More to come…

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