VIDEOS – Cannabinoids, terpenes, pollen for breeding projects…

At Strainly, we believe in diversity. We live in a diverse community, we think diversity equals creativity and therefore new possibilities. When it comes to marijuana genetics, diversity of strains empowers patients, breeders and growers. This article aims at giving you tips for a more effective and enjoyable Strainly experience…

When it comes to finding the right genes, Strainly’s powerful search features are not always fully taken advantage of. We didn’t want to write a long and boring article so we decided to record 6 short videos to help you have the best Strainly experience possible.

Looking for specific cannabinoids or terpenes? There are filters for that too!

Looking for pollen? There’s a filter for that…

Simply wanna trade seeds, clones or pollen (no money involved)?

 Wanna help other phenohunters out?


Still have questions? Contact us anytime!

-The Strainly crew


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