LEGAL – Know your rights and stay safe

Though legislations in many states and countries become more “canna-friendly”, many of us still often have the feeling of being in a grey area when it comes to anything that relates to our favorite plants. The majority of our members behave in good faith and want to be compliant. However, making sure that you are in compliance can be a long road to haul… With NO intent to be legal counsels to our members, this article aims at pointing you to some sources of information that can help you in this compliance journey.

So far, Strainly members have been behaving very responsibly and we’re grateful for that! Collectively, we have remained conscious that staying within the boundaries of the law until it evolves is a prerequisite to our survival as a community (as opposed to being isolated, hidden passionates who have little control on who they get their genetics from and what they get). When we created Strainly, we did not want to become a dark-web platform where all kinds of people would do illegal transactions without being seen. By signing up with us, you agree to our terms of use, which require that you inform yourself and comply at all times with the laws and regulations in force in your locality, state or country. If we have to ban someone who’s obviously breaking the law, we won’t hesitate to do so immediately.

Now, where should you look to collect information related to legal compliance?

Leafly, among several other cannabis media, provides a good summary of the situation at the US level.

In addition, visiting the website of the regulation body in your specific state or country should provide answers to your more specific questions. Below is a non-exhaustive list of such websites:

Other sites specializing in Cannabis regulations can provide helpful legal details, whether by providing the applicable text of law, summaries or under the form of FAQs.

Example of such sites are:

In general we do encourage our members to read press articles related to cannabis laws and regulations, as a relevant mean to stay up-to-date.

If you have questions specific to your situations that you are not able to answer from Internet sources, you may consider meeting a lawyer specialized in cannabis matters.

By no mean do we validate or invalidate the content of any of the sites and sources mentioned within this article. By signing up, you agree to Strainly’s Terms of use at all times.

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