Strainly is about community empowerment

With legal winds slowly becoming more favorable, the cannabis industry recently became the fastest growing sector in North America. With fast growth usually comes the concentration of actors within the sector. Sooner than we think, we could see gigantic corporations appearing in the cannabis industry and while big is not necessarily bad, concentration usually means less diversity…
At Strainly, we believe in diversity. We live in a diverse community, we think diversity equals creativity and therefore new possibilities. When it comes to marijuana genetics, diversity of strains empowers patients, breeders and growers. This article describes our purpose and explains why Strainly is key to a sustainable cannabis biodiversity.


Strainly’s vision is to empower cannabis growers and breeders to preserve marijuana genetics while maintaining a balanced relationship benefiting patients, breeders, producers and consumers.

Our mission is to provide a peer-to-peer cannabis strains exchange web app with a review mechanism, which allows legal cannabis growers and breeders (medical or recreational purpose) to trade marijuana seeds, clones or pollen and have easier access to a variety of cannabis strains to grow and breed. Whether looking for Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids or even Ruderalis, users can browse, filter and find their cultivars while benefiting from a rating/reviews mechanism, fostering trust among the community.


Breeders’ rights and the preservation of cannabis cultivars. We launched Strainly because we thought we had to do something for the preservation of cannabis biodiversity, which results from decades of hard work and dedication from breeders across the planet.


Patients use Strainly to find the cultivars that will best meet their prescription needs. Cannabis varieties have different effects and properties. Patients have different needs. Sometimes, the fit between effects and needs can be challenging to find. Strainly aims at providing more options to patients who grow their medicine.

Growers use Strainly to get access to rare cannabis strains without having to grow and take care of multiple mother plants. Instead, each grower can take advantage of each other’s mother plant or simply tap into nurseries’ clone inventories.

Breeders can use Strainly to offer the cannabis seeds they bred, while at the same time get access to more marijuana cultivars, and multiply the breeding possibilities.

Passionate phenohunters (aka genetics nerd) or more simply called, collectors, use Strainly to get access to out-of-stock, hard to find strains they’ve been chasing for years.

We believe the community of cannabis patients, growers and breeders can overcome more challenges together and unlock a new level of strain availability and diversity!You can:

  • Browse marijuana strains and find your hidden gem from a community member.
  • Post a cannabis clone, seed or some pollen you want to share with the community and supply upon request.
  • Try new elite genetics with improved turnaround and increased reliability thanks to the rating mechanism.

Yup, you can do all that on the same platform.


Medical marijuana patients and licensed cannabis producers are welcome on Strainly! Our goal is to improve affordable access to quality marijuana strains to all patients who need to grow their own plants. Strainly allows to filter strains by CBD and THC concentration, or by terpenes combination, enabling members to choose better adapted strains for patients’ prescriptions.

Licensed medical marijuana producers can use Strainly to post pollen samples and open new possibilities for their breeding projects.


The more we are, the more powerful Strainly is for our members, so spread the word to the good folks around you and let’s be a growing community!